Saturday, June 14, 2014

Art Walk Ideas 6-10

This is the second post in a series of art walk/auction ideas. Click here to start the series from the beginning.

#6 - Tissue Paper Art 
To create this piece, the students drew circles on tissue paper. I cut them out and then the students glued them onto the canvas.

#7 - Fall Handprint Tree
This one is pretty self explanatory. I do recommend using acrylic paint on canvas. Tempera paint tends to chip off.

#8 - Every Child is an Artist
I found this quote on pinterest and had to copy it with my kiddos!

#9 - Let Them Be Little Quote
To create the hand print art, my teacher assistant laid contact paper (don't peel off the paper yet!) on the canvas. Draw the heart on the contact paper and cut it out being careful not to mess up the outside area. Carefully peel the paper off the contact paper and lay on the canvas. Fill the heart with handprints and peel off contact paper once it's dry. Add quote!

#10 - SMUSH painting
Doesn't this sound like the funnest thing ever!!! I think this one was my kiddos favorite! I mean who doesn't like to smush? To make this piece I started with a piece of card stock. The students chose three colors of paint (tempera) and drizzled, dripped it on the paper randomly. You might have to experiment to get the right amount of paint. You need enough paint that it will cover all the paper when you smush it, but if you use too much all the colors will turn into one. Next, place another piece of paper on top of the paint. (Like a sandwich with paint in the middle) Then, smush the paint around by pushing and moving your hands across the top paper. When you're done smushing, carefully lift the top paper off the bottom one. TADA Smush painting!!! 

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