Wednesday, August 28, 2013

All About Me Star, Poem, and Portfolio Page!

The first real "theme" we do every year is All About Me. It's a great way for me to get to know my kiddos and for the students to get to know each other. 

School & Home Connection

One of the activities I do is a star. I just cut a big star out of yellow construction paper and send it home with a note asking parents to work with their child to fill it with things about them. They can put their name on it, age, pictures of them, things they like, etc. Then, each child gets a chance to share about their star in front of the class. 

Last year, instead of the star, I drew each child's silhouette and had them decorate it with things they liked.

Shared Reading

This poem is our first shared reading of the year. It's a very simple poem and the kids always think it's funny. (I apologize for the horribly drawn monkey, I never claimed to be an artist. . . )

Portfolio Page

Here is the portfolio page I'm using this year (from Miss Pam's Room). I usually change which one I do every year. We have mixed ages in our classes so I usually have a handful who were there last year. I've come across so many different versions on pinterest. You can follow my All About Me board on pinterest here.

This is just a small taste of my AAM unit. More to come! Leave a comment and let me know your favorite all about me activities!

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