Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Parent & Welcome Bulletin Board

I've never really minded bulletin boards, but for some reason this year I kept putting them off. I think it was because I didn't really have a vision. Once I finally figured out what I wanted to do they were done in no time! 

Our school uses some Reggio philosophies. One of them being that we try to keep everything looking very natural. Because of this, we do not put backgrounds on our bulletin boards. Sometimes it can be a challenge to create an engaging board without going overboard. But I'm relieved to say my main boards are finished! (which considering school starts tomorrow, is probably a very good thing)

Here is my welcome board. (of course I found this idea on pinterest! You can see my original inspiration here.)

Here is the parent communication board. 

I had some left over space on the right side of my parent communication board. This space will normally be filled with student work, but I put some pictures up to fill the space for now. 

Now on to bed, 6am will be here in about 8 hours. 

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