Friday, October 5, 2012


There's so many things I love about our apple unit! It's the beginning of fall. The students are finally familiar with our classroom rules and we can do more activities. And most importantly, apples are FUN! 

We study apples for two weeks, so I have lots of ideas to share. 


We investigated the inside and outside of apples during small group time. We drew what we saw inside the apple in our science journals. 

Then we taste tested three different colors of apple and graphed our favorite. The green apple was the class favorite this year.

Ten Apples Up on Top

We read the book Ten Apples up on Top for our repeated readings. My students always love this book. 

We use the book to jump start our math. We put apples in order from 1-10 on top of the tiger from the book. This is great practice number recognition. 

We wrote the numbers 1-10 on apple cut-outs and placed them on top of our pictures. 

Another great math game is find the worm. You can read more about that in my post from last year. 

We had a lot of fun balancing an apple on our heads! It's not as easy as it looks. 

Art Activities

We used used apples to make apple prints. Toddler Approved has a great idea on how to make the apples easier for the students to hold. 

We used scrap paper to make apple tree art. 

Another class in our school made these adorable apple sun catchers. Glue pieces of tissue paper onto wax paper to make an apple. Then place it in between a cut out border. 

Other Ideas

We sorted apple cut outs by size and color. 

We used an apple song for our shared reading. 

We put out apple books in our classroom library. My students love reading them and "being the teacher."

We made a KWL chart about apples. 

Additional Resources

Here are a couple great videos from youtube. 

This one is about the life cycle of an apple tree.

Lots of great information about apples in a fun song.

As you can tell, we had lots of fun and learned a lot about apples. What great apple activities did you do this year?