Friday, August 16, 2013

A Look into My Classroom

The 2013-2014 school year has officially started! After hours and hours and hours of working on my classroom it's finished and I've survived the first week of school. I always forget just how young they are when they start in August. They grow and mature so much over the year. Now on to pictures of my classroom! Please note that some of the shelves may seem pretty empty. That's because I add items gradually at the beginning of the year to give me time to teach my kiddos the proper way to use them.

Here's my little "office". I'm trying my desk in a new spot this year. In the past I had it against the wall and out of the way, but then during rest time my back was to my kiddos. So this year I can see the whole room while working on lesson plans, checking e-mail, preparing activities and all that other fun teacher stuff.

The block center 

Easel/Art Shelf 
I love the green tree beside the easel. (A new addition this year)

Kitchen Center
I love my polka dot curtain covering my storage area under the loft. (also a new addition this year.) It adds just a little punch of awesomeness to my classroom.

The Loft
The loft is our dramatic play center. We switch out this area usually once or twice a month. You can check out our beanie baby zoo here.

Writing Center

Library Center
I love all the space I have this year to hold books! I only start out with a few topics and add more when I think the kiddos are ready for more choices. You can read more about setting up a library center here.

Large Group Carpet

My Teaching Shelves
These shelves are between the cubbies and white board. It gives me a place to hold my teaching materials so they are easily accessible during group time.

Sensory Table
It's set up for meet the teacher. (that's why their is a shirt hanging on the wall) The laundry basket underneath holds our playground toys. It makes it so easy to take out bubbles, chalk, playground balls, etc. 

Our Welcome Board

I have a set of shelves right inside the front of my classroom. This is where we keep our clipboard for signing in and out, store student portfolios, and our books.

Science & Math Shelf

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  1. I love your classroom! Wish I had all that storage in my house for Heath's toys and tot school stuff...