Thursday, June 12, 2014

Art Walk Ideas 1-5

A few years ago our school started an Art Walk. It has become my favorite event of the year. Each class sets up an area with art work created by their students. Families walk around the art walk and bid on the art work. It's a very successful fundraiser. Group pieces sell the best, as parents get into bidding "wars". I always have a couple individual pieces, so all families are able to participate. 

Art Ideas

#1 - Line Art 
This piece is great for any age group. Have students tape the canvas with masking tape or painters tape. Paint the areas inside the painted lines. When the paint is dry, peel off the tape. 

#2 - Celebrate Diversity 
Discount School Supply sells multi-cultural paint (colors like me). Create a piece of art work using each child's handprint. We usually create this piece after reading a multi-cultural book, such as Shades of People.

#3 - Art is Messy
First, we used sticky foam letters and placed them on a blank piece of card stock. Then, the kids used a sponge to stamp on different colors of paint. When the paint dries, remove the sticky letters. The picture frame is from Dollar Tree.

#4 - Colorful Portraits
  1. For this piece, each child drew their portrait and wrote their name on a regular piece of printer paper. 
  2. Using the copy machine, I sized them down to the size I needed for the freezer paper. 
  3. I cut the freezer paper for each rectangle. (4x5 for this canvas, but will vary depending on canvas size) I traced each child's drawing onto the freezer paper using a black sharpie.
  4. The child colored in their clothes with a sharpie and skin with multi-cultural crayons (discount school supply). 
  5. Assist the child in coloring in their background.
  6. Retrace the black outlines on the child's drawing.
  7. Use Elmer's glue to glue down the freezer paper. I recommend glueing the rectangles one at a time. First, glue directly on the canvas. Then, place the rectangle on top. Then, paint over the top of the rectangle with glue. 

#5 - You're My Favorite Work of Art
Spice up abstract art with a quote. The artwork pictured was done in watercolor on card stock. 

That's it for today. More art ideas to come!

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