Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Connecting Home and School - Photo Albums

Photo albums are a great way for students to bring a "piece" of their home into the classroom. This is also a very simple way to bring in all the different cultures in your room!

At Meet the Teacher, I send home an empty photo album and ask the parents to fill it with pictures of their family. This way, the students are able to have pictures of their family, to comfort them, on the first day of school. 

I keep the photo albums in a basket on our library carpet. They are open to the children during choice time and transition times. They love sharing pictures of their family with their friends.

I found photo albums at the Dollar Tree for well (obviously) $1 a piece! I kind of had to dig behind the picture frames a bit, so look carefully. They had a flower picture on the front which I replaced with the student's names. 

How do you help your student's connect home and school?

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