Saturday, September 8, 2012

Awesome Free Video Finds

My kiddos go crazy over anything that has to do with technology. The smartboard is no different. Unfortunately, I don't always have time to make smartboard activities that coincide with what we are learning. I know there are lots of premade activities out there, but it still takes time to find them and make sure the content level is appropriate for my kiddos. So I was super excited, when I ran across a number of awesome videos on youtube this summer. I pinned them to save them for later. Now when I go to the smartboard with my kiddos, it's super easy to pull something up. I usually make a short smartboard activity that focuses on the content that we are learning. Then, if they made good choices the whole time we watch a few of these awesome videos!

Alphabet Videos

Do You Know Your Alphabet? Rap that my kiddos LOVE!

Storybots (robots) teach the kids their abc's. Another huge hit. They have also have a video for each individual letter. 

We also visit starfall each week and work on our letter of the week. 


Color Mixing Song by OK GO

All About Me

Awesome all about me song from and Sesame Street.

What videos or smartboard resources do your kids love?

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