Saturday, February 5, 2011

The Things Kids Say . . .

Kids really do say the funniest things. One of the things I love about working with this age group is their simple understanding of the world. How so many things make sense to them even though it doesn't actually make sense at all. Looking back, I wish I had started this blog back in September when I started teaching. That way I would have these funny sayings and special moments written down. Unfortunately, with time, the best and funniest moments are often forgotten. Sometimes it's easy to forget to enjoy the simple times in life when their are so many "more important" things taking up our time. I'm glad I now have a place to reflect on the daily events in my class. But anyway back to the funny stuff.

This is my desk. I have a picture of my fiance, Charlie, and me on my desk. This picture has sparked many hilarious conversations and quotes. At the beginning of the year I was often asked,

"Ms. Kristen who is that in the picture?"

to which I would reply,

"That's Charlie, my fiance."

Eventually the other students started answering for me . . .

"That's her beyonce!" - student KR

It was way to funny to correct her. So she still pronounces it beyonce. It makes me laugh every time. Does it make me a bad teacher letting her pronounce it wrong? And teach every one esle how to pronounce it wrong? Nah. They'll figure out how to pronounce it eventually . . . right?

A few weeks later I had a conversation about Charlie with two of my other students.

"Why he won't let you go?" - student KW
"KW sometimes in pictures, people put their arms around each other and smile for the camera." - Ms. K
"Well I don't like him." - student KW
"But KW you haven't even met him." -Ms. K
"But he ugly. I don't like him."- student KW

at this point another student chimed in,

"He tight. I like him!" -student KE
"He ain't tight!" - student KW
"Yeah he is. He tight!" - student KE

We eat lunch with the students. It's part of licencing. I love eating with them because it is a great opportunity to talk to them and get to know them better. Many of these students never sit down at a table to eat at home. This gives us the opportunity to model things like using utensils(you'd be surprised), using our napkin, what's appropriate at the table and what isn't.

On Monday, I had this conversation with one of my students. I was encouraging her to drink her milk. One of the other students said its good for your bones. She replied,

"My bones are broken." - student BR
"Your bones are broken?" - Ms. K
"Yeah all my bones are broken." - student BR

A few minutes later the same student said,

"Ms. Kristen, I stop eating every time my heart beats." -student BR

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