Saturday, July 13, 2013

Our Perfect Names - Part 2

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Talking About Our Perfect Names

Chrysanthemum by Kevin Henkes is a great book to read as a starting point for talking about names. In this book, Chrysanthemum starts school and some of her friends begin making fun of her because of how long her name is. Throughout the book Chrysanthemum discovers all the things she loves about her name and why her name is perfect! After reading the book, ask students what they love about their name. A discussion prompt can be sent home with students asking parents to talk with their child about what their name means, why they chose that name, and why their child's name is perfect. 

Wheels on the Bus - Phonemic Awareness

Use the song "Wheels on the Bus" to increase your students phonemic awareness! The beginning sound in thumpity thump is replaced with the beginning sound of a student's name. I combine each students bus and song page in a binder using page protectors to create a class book. The students love singing the song with all their friends' names and learning their sounds. You can purchase the song page in my tpt store

To make the bus, I precut the yellow bus, the white windows, and used a die-cut for the first letter of each student's name. The students cut out the black wheels for the bus, drew people in each of the windows, and then glued the bus together. I used a small picture of each child to show them driving the bus. You can find out how to create small pictures from my tech tip post

Shared Writing with Names

Our first shared writing activity each year has to do with our names. It's repetitive and my students love using the pointer to read the poster. This also helps them learn their friends names. I use different colors for each word in the sentence because it helps my students be aware of the repetition and separation of words. 

Happy July!

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