Monday, March 5, 2012

Truffula Tree Pens

My pens are always disappearing! I buy a new package of pens, and my pen holder is nice and full for . . . oh about 2 weeks and then they are gone! I'm always scrounging around for pens. They end up everywhere in my classroom except for back in my pen holder. I find them everywhere, on my desk, in my desk, on shelves, on the easel, in my storage closet and on and on and on. They also walk out of my classroom in the hands of parents, other teachers, my students, support staff, and who knows who else. Therefore, I decided to get crafty and decorate my pens. All the Lorax ideas on Pinterest inspired me to turn my pens into Truffula trees. I combined many different ideas and arrived at the final product!

The Truffula trees are very easy to make!

To make Truffula tree pens, you'll need:
chenille stems
large pom poms
hot glue gun

1. Choose two chenille stems. Wrap them around the pen.

2. When the chenille stems are wrapped all the way around the pen, bend back the ends and add hot glue, then carefully push the stems back down onto the pen. This will hold the chenille stems in place and prevent them from sliding. Then bend back and glue the other ends of the chenille stems.

3. Add a generous amount of hot glue to the end of the pen.

4. Press the large pom pom onto the hot glue. It will move when you write with it, but should be held firmly in place.

5. Repeat process to create your forest of Truffula trees. 

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