Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Book Study - Chapter 8 Ideas

I'm so excited I stumbled upon this book study! The book is Literacy Beginnings and is a must have for all Pre-K teachers. I started reading some of the posts and knew I had to have this book. It is helping me fight off my summer boredom and getting my creative juices flowing for the next school year.

Blending Song
To the tune of "If You're Happy and You Know It"
If you think you know this word shout it out
If you think you know this word shout it out
If you think you know this word then tell me what you heard
If you think you know this word shout it out

My students loved singing this song last year and guessing the word at the end.

Mystery Games
The book had many great game/activity ideas using a mystery theme. Get the kids excited by letting them know they are detectives and need to use clues to solve a puzzle. You can even give the kids a few flashlights and turning off the lights. Step it up by providing the kids with detective glasses. We got ours from the local theater. When they recycle the 3-D glasses they pop out the lenses but then throw away the frames.

Mouse Builds Words
This is a great book I got last year from scholastic. In the book they replace the first letter of a word and replace it with another. For each pair of words there is an action word such as blew or pushed. I write the first word on the board (cup) then the children do the action to take away the "c"(blew). Then I write in the new first letter ( pup). Together we figure out the new word mouse made.

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  1. Love the song!

    I'm so happy we found each other - seriously, it can be overwhelming being the new kid on the block, so it's nice to meet someone who is also fairly new to this teaching thing!

  2. Loved the song!! Great idea.

  3. Would it be mean of me to point out that it should be there instead of their? :P

    Enjoying the site, Kristen. Thanks for sharing and for the ideas. :)


  4. Thanks Amy, I fixed it. I need to send you my posts so you can edit them before I post them. Lol