Wednesday, April 11, 2012

It Looked Like Spilt Milk

This book is a classic! The students love reading this book. I use it for shared readings, because the book is so repetitive. After only one or two readings all of my students are reading along. The simplicity of the book builds confidence in my emerging readers. I've also found this book is great for a writing prompt.

First, we started with cotton balls and white paint on a blue background. I encouraged the students to make their clouds in the middle of the paper. (to leave room for the sentences) Some of the kids dabbed their cotton balls and made fluffy clouds, others dragged the cotton balls and made wispy clouds. When they were satisfied with their clouds we stepped back and studied them. After deciding what the clouds looked liked, we used the pre-printed writing prompts to add sentences to the clouds. I read the sentences to the students while they were writing their words, and emphasized the wording that mirrored the writing in the book.

After the child was finished, I encouraged them to read me the sentences on the picture. The finished pages can be put together for a class book or put on display. Since I still had Dr. Seuss on our bulletin board, I opted for displaying our current work for parents to see!

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