Friday, April 13, 2012

Caterpillar Patterns

We had a great time incorporating math into our caterpillar theme this week with caterpillar patterns.

The original idea came from pinterest (of course!). Except it was for fractions. Fractions are above the pre-k level, so I modified it to work for my kiddos. It was way too cute to pass up! Check out the original idea here, at The First Grade Parade.

My kids are very strong in continuing patterns, but still need practice creating patterns on their own. This activity was perfect for strengthening their patterning skills. The best part about it was it took NO prep, wasn't messy AT ALL, was simple, quick, and FUN! My kiddos love any reason to get out the colorful, fuzzy pom-poms and caterpillars are all the rage in my class at the moment. Look at how cute and colorful our finished work is! 

This activity was a great reminder of how adaptable so many activities can be. So next time you see an awesome idea, make sure to think of ways to adapt it for your kiddos! 

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