Monday, October 19, 2015

Five Senses Unit w/ FREEBIE!

One of the first units I taught every year was five senses. This is a great unit to teach at the beginning of the year. It's engaging, a great introduction to "school", and most importantly FUN! Whenever you choose to teach it, I hope your kids enjoy it as much as mine did! 

Check out a preview of the 33 page fun, learning filled packet below. Make sure you grab the freebie towards the bottom!

Five Senses Song

Display this word wall or print off individual copies for each student.

Journal Pages for each of the five senses

1-2 Activities for each sense

Graph the eye colors in your class or send it home and have students graph their family's eye color.

 Home Connection - Partner with parents by keeping them in the know and providing suggestions for extending learning at home.

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This unit flows right into the I am a Scientist! Unit! Check it out below! 

All the stores are being filled with Christmas stuff and since it's my sons first Christmas, I'm even more excited about the upcoming holiday season! I'm thinking elf station dramatic play center for my next project. Check back soon! :)

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