Monday, September 9, 2013

Friend Bingo

It's the beginning of the year and my kids are all referring to each other as he and she. He hit me. She took my block. He won't play with me. It's up to me to distinguish just which he or she they're referring to with very little clues. Sometimes I'm lucky enough to get a point in the general direction of the child in question. Although usually this means they turn their head while pointing and all their words start flowing away from me and I can't understand anything that they're saying. This activity won't help you with that, but it will help your students learn each others names. 

Every year I create a bingo game using each child's picture. I print my pictures out at walgreens with 4 pictures on each 4x6. You can read my tech tip here for creating tiny pictures. Instead of making them tiny, size them down to 1/4 of a 4 x 6. (so each rectangle is 2x3). Then use them to create bingo cards. If you have a colored printer, you can just create the whole bingo card on your computer.

The kids love getting to play bingo with their pictures! Once we've played for a little while some of my older kids pick up on everyone's names. Then they take over being the caller for me! :)

How do you help your students become familiar with their friends names?

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  1. This is such a cute idea! Thank you!
    I have small groups and it's not very difficult to learn our names but we play some games the first few days. The easiest is to say your name and the one before you. e.g. "She's Stella and I'm Evan." , next kid - "He's Evan and I'm Martin", next kids, "He's Martin, and I'm Molly", etc in a circle. I vary the activity so we can do it several time. Can we do it very quickly, very quietly, very seriously, with 'bear' voice etc. It's simple and fun.
    Have a great 'Back to School' season!