Friday, March 16, 2012

Sequencing with Rainbows

I have become a pinterest fanatic! It seems like everything I've done in my classroom since Christmas has been an idea from pinterest. So it is nice to know that I can still come up with an original idea! We keep portfolio's of our student's work to show their abilities and  progress. For this activity, I was wanting to show the child's progress on sequencing. Last year, the students put strips of paper in order, according to length, to create a xylophone. But our preschool is a two year program, so I wanted to come up with a new artifact to put in the student's portfolio. We were already learning about St. Patrick's day last week, so it seemed natural to incorporate an activity on rainbows. The students put strips of paper in order according to size, to make a rainbow. After they glued on the strips of paper, they used a cotton ball and white paint to make clouds on the sides of the rainbow. Next year, I plan on using brown strips of paper to create a flower pot! :)

Sequencing with Rainbows

Sequencing with a Xylophone

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